The quality criteria for health checks developed in this project<

The quality criteria for Modulators health checks developed in this project

go beyond these general aims; they aim to promote autonomous informed decisions by clients and require description of the condition and the target population, and clear information about the harms and costs. The workshop agreement is a consensus document by a diverse group of stakeholders across EU member states, composed through several rounds of internal and external consultations. The agreement has no legal status; providers of health checks are not obliged to adhere to these criteria. Rather, together with reviews that have demonstrated the lack of scientific evidence for health checks (Krogsboll et al., 2012), the workshop agreement can be a starting point for further Antidiabetic Compound Library discussion on the desirability and feasibility of regulation and monitoring selleck screening library of the quality of health checks that are not yet regulated.

Efficient and effective regulation and monitoring of the quality of health checks will undoubtedly be a challenge. The offer of health checks is broad and diverse, coming from both health care organizations as well as the commercial industry. Yet, providers of health checks and follow-up examinations (health care organizations and industry), users (consumers and consumer organizations) and payers (health insurance companies and governments) all have good reasons to demand quality too and quality standards. Together with regulatory agencies, such as the European Medicines Agency (EMEA) and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), they could work toward feasible solutions for the regulation of this upcoming market. In light of the cross-border offer of many health checks, discussion and collaboration on an international level is advised. Given the concerns about the quality and limited

impact of health checks, it is in the interest of protecting individuals and of keeping the health care system accessible and affordable that further steps are taken to ensure the quality of health checks. The proposed criteria can be a starting point for further discussion. The authors declare there is no conflict of interest. The authors acknowledge all participants that contributed to the development of the workshop agreement. The CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA 16642) includes the list of participants. The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport in the Netherlands initiated the project and financed NEN to facilitate the process. The European Partnership for Action Against Cancer (EPAAC) (Consortium Grant 631-024/12/023), a project co-funded by the Health program of the European Union, provided funding for travel and subsistence cost for participants to attend the meetings.

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