Neurologic impairment was noted in 13 patients pre-operative, six

Neurologic impairment was noted in 13 patients pre-operative, six patients achieved complete recovery, six patients achieved partial improvement, one patient did not have any improvement

at the last follow-up.

Triangular osteosynthesis is a relatively new fixation for vertical unstable sacral fractures, the fixation AZD2171 nmr is rigid, permits early full weight-bearing, and nerve decompression can be performed, which facilitates function recovery.”
“Background: Bispectral index (BIS) is a valuable tool for assessing the depth of sedation and guiding the administration of sedative drugs. We previously demonstrated the benefits of BIS-guided propofol sedation in patients undergoing flexible bronchoscopy. Objective: buy SB202190 To examine the feasibility and safety profile of propofol sedation in patients undergoing medical thoracoscopy (MT). Methods: Patients undergoing MT for diagnostic evaluation or treatment of pleuropulmonary diseases were enrolled over a 2-year period. Nurses and chest physicians were trained by anesthetists to provide analgosedation, to detect and correct cardiopulmonary disturbances. The level of sedation was optimized individually by titrating the propofol infusion according to the BIS and clinical evaluation. Patients’ clinical data, procedure time, medications and any

adverse events were recorded. Results: Fifty-three patients (60% male) with a median age of 62 years (range 19-84 years) underwent MT. The operative procedure lasted a median time of 28 min (range 9-112 min). The median doses of anesthetic drugs were 145 mg of propofol (range

20-410 mg) and 84 mu g of fentanyl (range 0-225 mu g). Hemodynamic disturbances occurred in 39 patients (bradycardia n = 4, tachycardia n = 12, hypotension n = 34) and required drug administration in only 4 cases. Hypoxemic events (n = 4) resolved upon gentle patient stimulation (verbal command, chin lift, oral cannula). All patients could be discharged from the recovery unit within 105 min after the procedure. Conclusions: BIS-guided propofol sedation is a safe method that might replace midazolam sedation in MT and can be managed by well-trained nonanesthesiologist personnel. Copyright (C) 2011 S. Karger AG, Basel”
“Chance fractures are an uncommon spine injury learn more in the paediatric population. As such there is a relative paucity of evidence in the literature to guide management decisions. We present our single centre experience in the operative management of these injuries.

All patients presenting to a tertiary paediatric trauma centre between 2000 and 2008 were included. Retrospective analysis of clinical (SRS-22 and Oswestry) and radiological outcomes was undertaken.

Twelve patients underwent operative stabilization of a Chance type injury. Radiological and clinical outcome measures demonstrated excellent outcomes in the majority of patients with no significant complications.

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